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Teacher Planner Workbook: Module 5

Welcome to Day 5 of Plan It!

Lesson Planning Tip #4

3 Ways to Implement a Blended Lesson


1. Flip your Classroom - Flipping your classroom is a new approach to learning. Students will watch their lessons via videos, presentations, and communicate with peers at home. When they return to class the "homework" will take place. Traditionally, students started in class with the lecture and are then given an assignment or homework based on the lesson. With a flipped classroom, the teacher acts as a facilitator for the activity when students come to class because the work was done prior to class. Click HERE to learn more. 

2. Rotations - Rotations are a great way to get students up and moving during class. With rotations, the classroom is set up into several stations and students work at these stations for an allotted period of time and rotate to the next. With my high schoolers, my rotations consisted of a whole group lesson, then four stations: 1)small group where I worked with them, 2) computers where students worked online completing an assignment based on the lesson, 3) independent reading where students read a book of their choice and completed a reading guide, 4) during the last 10 minutes of class we met back as a class for wrap up

3. Google Classroom - Currently, I am using Google Classroom in my class. Google Classroom allows the teacher to post assignments and discussions in one space. Students can access their assignment through Google Classroom at school and home. In addition to Google Classroom, Google offers a plethora of add on extensions that can be used in  your Google Classroom. 

How will you blend your lessons?

Let's get started. 

Task 1: Look back at your Backwards Design Plan that you created in Module 1. Use the information from your backwards plan and first three lesson plans to develop an outline for your fourth lesson. Think about today's tip. How can you blend your lesson? Below is a link to a lesson plan template to get you started. 

Daily Lesson Plan Template

Task 2: Now that you've completed your lesson plan outline, it is time for you to turn you lesson outline into a detailed plan. You can begin writing your plan in the same document as your template, or you can create a new document.

Congratulations! You have completed Day 5. 

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