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Teacher Planner Workbook: Module 1


Part I: Backwards Planning

What is backwards planning? Watch the following video and take notes. 

Part II: Identifying Standards and Objectives

What standards and objectives do you want to address in your lesson? Use the following link to identify the standards you would like to teach to accomplish your end goal. 



Now that you've watched to video and identified the standards and objectives, complete Stage 1: Identify Desired Results of the Backwards Design Plan using the template below.

 Backwards Design Plan Template

Part III:  Assessments

How will you assess that your students have mastered the standard or learning goals? Will they complete a project? Will they take a quiz or test? Will they write a paper? 

Task 2:

Take this time to develop your assessment and complete Stage 2: Determine Evidence for Assessing Learning of the Backwards Design Plan.

Part IV: Identifying Resources and Materials

What resources will you use to teach your lesson that ensures the learning goal is being met. Take this time to gather and prepare any texts, presentations, etc., that you will use for your lesson.

Task 3: 

You've gathered your resources, created presentations and worksheets, now it is time to plan the activities. Complete Stage 3: Build Learning Plan of the Backwards Design Plan.


CONGRATULATIONS!! You have completed Day 1. 

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