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Urbania Club

The Urbania Club is a group of book readers and media consumers that love to talk about books and films.  The group meets monthly at the AOM Bookshop and the Library.  Group members have the option to purchase books that support literacy and the AOM Bookshop mission. 

Every month, we select two titles from our award-winning brands and partners and send them to you in either print or digital (Kindle, EPUB, or PDF) form — or both, if you so choose. (See upcoming monthly selections here)

How it works:

1) Choose either print, digital, or the combined print and digital subscription from the options below.

2) You will be billed automatically every month according to the option you select. (Note: Books will be sent First Class USPS, with charges based on where you live. There is no charge for delivering ebooks.)

3) If you want to end your subscription, simply opt out (Otherwise, you will continue to be billed and to receive books.)

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