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Co-op Advertising

Co-op Advertising

Cooperative Advertising

What is Co-Op Advertising?

Cooperative advertising — or "co-op" — is a term used in trade book publishing to refer to publisher-defined programs in which the publisher and the bookseller "cooperatively" promote a book or books, according to their own priorities. Here is some detail on how co-op advertising works in book publishing.

With cooperative advertising, ideally, the publisher and the bookseller share in the cost of and decisions about advertising a book or books from that publisher within the parameters of the store's advertising and promotional programs.
Generally, each has their own priorities about what should be promoted and how, though these priorities generally overlap.

The book publisher provides the funds for cooperative advertising programs, and the terms of the co-op program (including amount, how proof of advertising is submitted, how payment is made) are dictated by the publisher's coop contract.

The details of the allocation and spending of the cooperative advertising funds are generally hashed out by the publisher's sales representatives and the bookseller's management and/or merchandising team.

AOM Bookshop has several programs to help get publisher's books into readers hands. If interested, download the co-op advertising agreement below and payment. Service will begin once payment is received.   If you already contacted to AOM Bookshop to have books stocked, download the consignment agreement. We look forward to working with you.

Cooperative Advertising

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