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Art Official Media (AOM) Bookshop is an independent publisher and wholesale distributor located on the Westside of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in 2005, by writer / publisher Q.B. Wells, in order to publish Blackface: A Novel, an engrossing coming of age novel about strife in the city of Chicago. The book was based on real and fictionalized aspects of the African American male experience.

The book was well reviewed, labeled an "instant classic" by the The Urban Book Source and the author began to market the book to stores. However, the publishing business is tough and few bookstores decided to carry the book. Undeterred, Q.B. Wells decided to continue to market online but also on the street: at the stoplights in Baltimore on Northern Parkway, North Ave, Martin Luther King Drive, and Harford Road. He vended a table in the Patapsaco Flea Market and continued to grow an audience. Soon, other authors reached out and began to publish other titles like Nookie, How to Get Business Credit without a Personal Guarantee, The Devils of Eden and Living in a Cardboard Box.

AOM grew and soon needed more space to publish, sell and distribute books. Q.B. Wells decided to move from the East Coast back to his home in the Midwest to provide a better public education for his children and provide a home for diverse books for readers.

AOM Bookshop is our home, a literary funhouse that we welcome you to engage in a world that reading, writing and coming together as a community is a priority.

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