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100 Things to Make You Happy - National Geographic

100 Things to Make You Happy - National Geographic


Reviewed by  M.B. Wells

    100 Things to Make You Happy by National Geographic is a book to make you happy and it has tips to help you stay happy.  This book shows that being happy isn't effortless. The book has fun facts and things you could try to make you happier. This book also has some funnier things and some more serious things.

    I like 100 Things to Make You Happy because it can help when you are angry, sad, or frustrated.  It is also simple to read and has fun pictures to keep you entertained. I like this book also because you can read it over and over again and each page isn't a sequel to the past page so you can flip to wherever you want without missing out on something.

    I would rate this book 4 out of 4 because it is simple to read with fun pictures, and it can also help you when you're down.  It can also help when you need a little laugh. You could also read this book if you are stressed about something.

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