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AOM Bookshop Newsletter

AOM Bookshop Newsletter

Welcome to the AOM Bookshop Shelf Awareness Newsletter!

You are in the right place if you signed up for the Art Official Media or AOM Bookshop mailing list. The month of July is hot and is the perfect time to catch up and celebrate Independence of our country, family and ourselves.  AOM Bookshop is celebrating Independence all month with books and ideas that help us all be more independent, critical, inclusive thinkers about the world around us.

Read through the newsletter for book reviews, essays and a chance to get prizes! Share recommendations with your family and friends.

#IlliteracySucks Campaign

We are running our #illiteracysucks campaign for the entire month of July.  We are promoting the idea at events and pop-ups throughout the month.  The campaign includes a reading list, t-shirts and authors, publishers, community leaders and readers sharing thoughts about book deserts by using the hashtag #illiteracysucks on social networks. 

Illiteracy is one of the leading causes poverty.  Poverty sucks! AOM Bookshop is addressing the issue of poverty by bringing light to the book and food deserts that exist in American cities.  We are starting with our city Indianapolis, but we need your help.

Let us know about a book desert in your area and join the conversation on our social networks.

AOM Bookshop offers Audiobooks!

AOM Bookshop has partnered with Libro to bring our readers audiobooks.  Support our store by visiting the AOM Bookshop or signing up for a membership.

Already purchased audiobooks through our store? Get free audiobooks by referring your reading here. 

Enjoy the newsletter and make sure to connect with us to know what you are reading.

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